5 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2019

Hey there, in this post we will list out some of the most in-demand programming language which can help you build a solid coding career.

It’s a general concern of many to-be-coders that which programming language is the best. On solid grounds, it affects your overall journey in programming. Facebook & WordPress both are written in PHP because it was a decent choice back then. But nowadays many developers will prefer JavaScript or Python!

The reson is that these languages have wide applications as well as large developer community which continuously pushes new updates and advancements. They are versatile and offer huge performance benefits.

In this article, we will discuss 5 most in-demand programming languages on the basis of Jobs offered, Average salary and Versatility.


According to latest reports by StackOverflow, 62.5% users claim to use it. JS is used in 95% websites for applying dynamic logic. It is also used in Phonegap, Meteor, React Native, etc for hybrid as well as native app development.

The average salary offered to a JavaScript developer is around $90,000 in US and $7,000 in India. Don’t be shocked with such a huge difference. It can be explained using Purchasing Power Parity concept.


Surprisingly, Python is less popular as compared to its vast use and jobs offered. It is the most wanted language with 20.6% votes in its favor. Powerful and versatile, Python is used for creating software & web applications as well as hugely employed in Data-Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,etc.

The average salary of a Python developer is around $100,000 in US and $9,000 in India.


Java is witnessing a dip in its popularity but it is extremely well-established. This makes it the go-to choice for any project. Java is the official programming language for Android-app development.[Android is the OS for 88% of global smartphones]

The average salary for Java professional is around $95,000 in US and $7500 in India.


Its basically an extension to wildly popular “C” programming language. Used commonly for developing applications, back-end application, firmware, games & system programming. Powerful and useful, this language is sure to take you places.

The average salary for C++ developers is around $105,000 in US. For those interested in starting C/C++ programming, we have a good guide for choosing the best IDE.


Finally, the official programming language of Apple i.e. Swift. It is relatively new, launched in 2014. Used primarily for developing apps & daemons for iOS and macOS.

It can surely guarantee you a high paying job. Primary reasons being the smaller number of professional Swift developers and higher efficiency as compared to Objective-C. Average salary of Swift developers currently stands at $100,000 in US.

You know about the best programming languages but how to learn them? Here are some great tips for mastering a programming laguage.

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