Easy Hacks To Search Google More Accurately & Efficiently

Google is the biggest search engine till date. It is also the most efficient search engine. Its index stores data of around 30 trillion web pages. That’s a humongous number indeed!

Searching for the right information is a crucial task as you could easily get lost in this ocean of data. Google is very user-friendly and smart, so you can easily search for the required data. But there are some tips which will surely help you master the Art of Googling.

Use Quotes To Search Google For Exact Phrase

For a general search, Google looks for all the pages that contain words mentioned in the search. But if you have to search for an explicit term, like Varnish HTTP Acclerator, then its better to enclose the search phrase into quotes. Ex: “Varnish HTTP Acclerator”

You can also combine exact phrases with keywords to perform better searches

Use Minus Sign To Exclude Words or Results

A simple minus can remove all the search results containing that word or from a website. Many times you search for a term and it contains few closely related terms which you might want to ignore. So this rule comes handy. It also helps in eliminating search results specified websites like in the given below example:

Use Asterisk To Broaden Your Search

Listened a song but forgot a part of its lyrics or couldn’t remember a technical term fully, just replace the forgotten/variable part with * and you can search all the variation associated with that phrase. Most probably it will churn out your required result.

Search Within A Specific Website

Many times you know about which site can offer you the most relevant results but can’t search appropriately into the website itself. You can employ Google for doing a similar purpose i.e., Search The Whole Website For Your Query Using Google.

Search Yields Results Only From The Website

You can omit the “site:” part but it will result in showing those webpages too which have a backlink to the mentioned website.

Quickly Look For Definition Of A Phrase or Term

Popular terms are mostly presented with a definition in Google Search results using the Knowledge Graphs. For not-so-common terms, you can use the “Define:” prefix to search for the definition of the mentioned term or phrase.

Search For A Specific Document Type

Many times you are searching for a document in specific format like pdf-only or xls sheets. You can search for a specific document type by using “filetype:” prefix.

Want Some Fun Then Why Not TILT Your Screen

Just log on to Google and search for TILT. It will lead you to elgooG & give you various funny options to tilt your screen as well as play funny games like Pacman, T-Rex, Map your Location and even Snake game.

ElgooG is basically a backwards version of Google. Go and try for once. It’s really funny.

I will be updating the article soon with more tricks. Share the post with your friends and help us reach larger audience. Thank You!

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