Galaxy S10 Will Have Free Spotify Premium Access

Galaxy S10 has been launched and its pre-order broke record in US. In a bid to lure more consumers, Samsung offers Spotify Premium for free to US users. Also, Spotify will be pre-installed on millions of new Samsung mobile devices globally.

spotify samsung partnership

This offer is currently available to only US customers who have not tried the service earlier. But it is expected to expand in other countries too, particularly India. The official list of phones include Galaxy S10, S10E, S105G, S10+ as well as Galaxy Fold. More offers are expected from Samsung after its partnership with Spotify.

spotify samsung deal
Source: Spotify Blog

In order to enjoy the free trial, US users have to enter a redeemable code in the app. Users can enjoy Spotify Premium for 6 months on their devices.

Spotify is looking for global expansion and recently it launched its services in India. In a similar bid, it has partenered with Samsung Electronics and the deal seems to be fruitful for now making Spotify the goto choice for many customers.

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