Gareeb: YouTube Roasting Expert & Pro PUBG Streamer

Kunal Saraf aka Gareeb is a popular Indian Roaster and PUBG Mobile streamer on YouTube. He is well known for his rants and roasting videos.

YouTube has given a platform for creators of all types to showcase their talent. Roasting, Live-streaming, Vines and Unboxing are extremely popular these days. And as Indian readers are well aware, Jio 4G brought a revolution in data consumption.

Gareeb is a YouTuber whose roasting and rant videos made him popular on the platform. He has over 800K subscribers on his roasting channel named Gareeb. If you are a PUBG Mobile player, you must have seen his live-streams on his gaming channel “Gareebooo“.

About Gareeb

Kunal Saraf aka Gareeb is a famous 22-YO Indian YouTuber. He is the owner of two channels namely “Gareeb” and “Gareebooo“. Gareebooo lives in Kolkata with his family. He is famous for his rants and PUBG Mobile gameplay. In fact, viewers are more interested in his unique commentary.


As Gareeb recalls, he was initially unaware of all these stuff like roasting videos, vines and how people earn from them. After Jio launched, inspired from BB Ki Vines & Carryminati, he started a YouTube channel and started uploading roasting videos over it.

As Gareeb says, YouTube is partial to small creators. His channel was once on the verge of deletion due to YouTube age restriction policies. Gareeb released a video where he said:

“I am sitting on the terrace in this chilly night. Never got much appreciation from my family. I thought of doing something which can get me some appreciation. But even on YouTube, creators are jealous of each other. I can’t take it anymore.”

But later, he somehow managed to save his channel. He continued to release ranting videos and collaborating with other Indian roasters. Currently, his roasting channel has 843K subsribers and counts among the most popular Indian roasters.

PUBG Mobile Gaming And Live-Streaming

Seeing the rise in popularity of PUBG Mobile live-streaming, Gareeb started his own gaming channel named “Gareebooo”. He teams up and plays with other popular streamers like CarryMinati, Dynamo, Kronten and Alpha Clasher.

In fact, he is mostly live-streaming his gameplay and you can learn a lot from him. His roasting skills are great which he often shows in his commentary during the game.

PUBG streaming made Gareeb instantly popular which resulted in growth of both channels. I initially watched his PUBG gameplays but later discovered that he owns a roasting channel too. After I looked through some of his videos, I found them quite interesting.

He has over 600K subscribers on his gaming channel and has 150K+ followers on Instagram.

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