How To Uninstall Bloatware On Android Without Rooting

Bloatwares are really annoying and battery consuming. You can’t simply uninstall bloatware but here is a trick to remove bloatware from any Android device.

I am actually fed up with Android bloatwares. They are annoying as well as consume battery and memory too.

Imagine the situation. You just bought a brand new smartphone and readily unboxed it. You start the phone and come to know that it has numerous pre-installed apps. Its okay if some of these are useful to you.

But what about those which are useless? In fact, some carriers/manufacturers are deliberately installing bloatwares. And it’s actually quite annoying to know that they cost you memory and CPU alongwith a chunk of battery. This can slow down your smartphone.

So I googled a bit about how to remove such built-in apps without rooting the device. And here I am with latest hack to uninstall bloatware from Android smartphones.

Stock Android is anyways quite faster and smoother. Those using Nexus phones may be knowing it for sure. To uninstall bloatware, you need to do USB debugging with just few ADB shell commands.


  • USB Debugging enabled smartphone
  • ADB Installed PC

Enable USB Debugging

You can enable developer options by tapping on the ‘Build Number‘ 7 times. Now navigate to USB Debugging and simply enable it. You might be prompted to allow connection with PC. Just select Okay.

How To Install ADB on Windows

Just download the ADB zip file for Windows and unzip it at easily accessible location. In my case, I unzipped it at C:\ADB. Navigate to ADB folder and press Shift+Right Click and select “Open Powershell Window here“. You are good to continue from here.

ADB window

Note: Some users may get option to “Open Command Prompt here”. Both are okay with a bit difference in commands.

Uninstall Bloatware using ADB

We will be using Powershell here to remove bloatware apps from Android. In case you are using Command Prompt, just change “.\adb” to “adb“.

1. Enter the following command to check if ADB recognises your device:

.\adb devices

You will see an alphanumeric code representing your device and the word device written beside it. If you are prompted on your smartphone to allow connection, select Ok.

2. Now open ADB shell by typing the following command:

.\adb shell

3. This will launch the ADB shell where you have to type the below command and press enter.

pm uninstall -k --user 0 <package name>

Here, package name is the actual package name like ‘’

adb uninstall bloatware

You will receive a Success message. Guess what, you are now free from that boring stubborn app. This way you can remove even system apps. Be careful otherwise you may end up removing essential system apps.

Also, you can restore these removed apps anytime by Factory Resetting your phone. Actually, permanent removal of apps can be done only by rooting. This technique can uninstall bloatware for user 0 i.e., default user. Enjoy!

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