Huawei Mate X: The Next Gen Foldable 5G Smartphone

Huawei is surely leading the foldable smartphone technology with its cool and sleek Mate X hybrid. Let’s take a look at the device features and comparison with Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Huawei recently flaunted its brand new flagship of foldable smartphones at MWC 2019. The prime one being Huawei Mate X. And no doubt, its technological advancements and design makes it a top contender for Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Image Credit: Engadget

Samsung and Huawei, both have ignited the interest for foldable tablet-cum-smartphone devices. Although Huwaei’s design in quite unique and refined, let’s take a look at both devices.

Huawei Mate X Or Samsung Galaxy fold

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, which features a larger display that folds inward like a book, the Mate X unfolds outward with a large 8-inch continuous display. When it’s folded, you have one 6.6-inch, notch-free, and bezel-starved main display combined with an elongated 6.4-inch rear display.

Image Credit: The Verge

Huawei Mate X has drawn more attention because of its sleek and attractive thin bezels. On folding, it transforms into a modern flagship smartphone. Near the fold-edge, it features a spine which increases smartphone grip. It also features 5G compatibility which is absent in Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Fold on the other hand has thickness of 2 smartphones. On folding, it becomes a 4.6 inch smartphone which is quite thick to hold.

Galaxy Fold costs $1980 and is set to release on April 26 while Mate X is expected to release in June 2019 at $2600 price tag.

Huawei Mate X feels a more complete hybrid than Galaxy Fold even being around 600 bucks costlier. It’s pretty sure that its sleek design is winning hearts at MWC Barcelona.

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