Ideal PUBG Mobile Settings To Become Battle Royale Master

Hey there, if you are seriously interested in improving your PUBG Mobile performance and graphics, then this post is for you!

Hey guys, welcome to Mascader and in this post we will be discussing about various settings that can speed up your graphics as well your overall PUBG Mobile gameplay. This is our first post into Mastering Battle Royale series.

Getting started with PUBG Mobile: 

I am sure that you would be aware about the extremely popular Battle Royale game named PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground aka PUBG. In the game, up to one hundred players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves. The available safe area of the game’s map decreases in size over time, directing surviving players into tighter areas to force encounters. The last player or team standing wins the round.[1]

It offers login through platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google Play. Choose any one of them to save your in-game progress. Once logged in you are asked to chose your Avatar and your Username. This is quite easy and you can surely complete it.

Now comes the most important part of our discussion i.e. Settings tab. As you can see it offers a lot of settings for you to manipulate but for a nice gameplay you only need to configure a few of them.

Peek And Aim For Better Stability and Avoiding Shots:

Peeking and Firing is very useful skill used by Pro PUBG players to aim at better angles on the enemy. It also reduces recoils hence making the shots more stable. Since you are leaning, enemy can’t get good view of you and you can therefore avoid getting shots.

Lower Graphic Settings and Increase Frame Rate

You can lower the graphic settings to Balanced or even Smooth if your Smartphone does not support better graphics. It won’t pose much problems. But you must keep your Frame Rate to Maximum setting. This will make your game much smooth and responsive.

Disable Auto-adjust Graphics setting as it makes the game lag by reducing the fps randomly. Also disable Anti-aliasing for reducing heat generation.

Adjust Your Controls:

Your game controls must be adjusted to your preferences for best gameplay. You can try changing the position of controls and even changing the size of buttons. That’s completely your choice and what suits you the best.

My Control Settings

Most Important: Aim Sensitivity Settings

This is the most important setting during your whole gameplay. You must adjust it wisely according to your preferences. Default are good but you can try manipulating them by quickly changing direction during scope-on. This will help you realize what are the best suited settings are for you.

Enable Auto-Loot or Not?

Actually auto-loot is quite good for beginners as well as pro players.Just make sure you don’t loot what your friend wants or you can suffer a friendly attack too 😜😉

A Glimpse of My PUBG Mobile settings

Thanks guys for reading through the post. I will be back soon with a brand new post on various PUBG Mobile tricks for better Shooting and Survival.

I have also compiled some tips for improving your shooting skills & accuracy. Do have a look at them. Especially the trick to reduce recoil is very useful.

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