Important Tips For Improving Your Accuracy & Shooting Skills In PUBG

In this post, we will discuss about some useful tips for improving your overall shooting skills in PUBG. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Hey guys, Welcome to Mascader. As I promised, I am back with a post on how to improve your shooting skills in PUBG Mobile. Without wasting time, lets come to the most important tips.

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Peek And Open Fire

The most basic tip for improving your shooting ability. I am not saying that those who shoot without peeking are bad shooters. It can even be tiresome sometimes to tap-n-peek.

I’m just saying that it seriously improves your shooting accuracy. It gives you a variety of angles & lets you fall behind the cover easily while shooting.

Crouch or Prone While Shooting Where Possible

Firing while crouching reduces gun recoil to a large extent. This is quite useful as the bullet spread is more clustered and accurate. It may be a bit problematic cause you can’t change your position quickly. But I will recommend you to crouch or prone while firing whenever possible, especially when you are in cover.

Choose Your Gun and Scope Wisely

M416 and SCAR-L are the most versatile ARs. You can take on 1v1 fights as well as snipe to a good range with 4x scope. They become a bit unstable on 6x scope but if don’t have snipers, then you are good to go with them.

M416 Assault Rifle Wiki

DP-28 is the one of the best guns available in PUBG Mobile. Reason is its huge stability & damage. Since the gun offers very less to no recoil, you can easily get good shots with DP. One problem is its reload time but you should not worry much about that because 47 bullets are enough for dealing a huge damage.

I hate this meme 😤

Scopes must be chosen wisely as you don’t want to hit an enemy in a close 1v1 situation with 4x scope 😅😅 2x or Red dot can handle the task very well. Snipers can be assembled with 8x scope which is quite an advantage.

Reducing Your Weapon’s Recoil

We know that there is no setting for reducing the recoil of your gun. But there are some tricks which can do the task.

  • While shooting the enemy, use your left button to fire and slide the gunsight down by sliding the right area of screen downwards.
  • Use weapon compensator for reducing the recoil automatically.
  • Best Option: Use DP-28 😎😎

Watch The Pros

I have learned a lot from my friends and also from Pro-PUBG streamers. Some popular ones in India are Shroud, Dynamo Gaming, Mortal, Gareeboooo and CarryIsLive.

These were some tips for improving your shooting skills in PUBG Mobile. I will be adding more as I get to know them. If you liked the post then Share button is at the top 😁 Do share this post with your friends.

Thank You for reading ✒

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