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How To Improve Your JEE Score: Preparation Tips

NTA is conducting JEE Mains 2019. In this post, we will discuss the highly recommended techniques to crack JEE Mains & Advanced.

Sheets, DPP’s, notes, NCERT, modules, rank boosters, question banks!!! These would be very common to you if you are a JEE aspirant and preparing for JEE from any of the renowned coaching institutes.

Now let’s assume that you qualified JEE Mains and JEE Advance too but you are unable to get your preferred college and preferred branch. Of course the reason being your lesser JEE score.

All the coaching institutes, tutorials, motivational lectures, etc. keep on focusing on the steaming question that “HOW TO CRACK JEE“. So what if you have cracked JEE with a score leading nowhere.

So my dear JEE aspirants, let me gather all your focus towards how to enhance your JEE score cause it demands consistent effort and a sharp focus.

Overcome your fear, it’s JEE dear !!!

Hey JEE aspirant, fear is the most fearful part in the journey of any success. But now the question arises that – “How should one overcome his/her fear?” The major key to overcome fear is to gain self-confidence.

Friends, thinking of fortune is just a subtle waste of time. Rather focusing on what you have in your hand is the need of the hour. Just try to be the best of you and give your 100% and you’ll see success knocking at your door in the near future.

Syllabus Management

Being an NITian, I too know the amount of hard-work you all are doing to achieve success. You should ask a few questions to yourself like

  • Are you doing your hard-work in a managed way?
  • Have you chosen the right path to schedule your studies?

Remember friends that you all are digging wells, but Some will get oil after digging deeper; Some will just get water; And some will get nothing.

jee preparation is like digging a well

It totally depends on the amount of hard work as well as management strategy. Management is the key for a successful work. You all just need to study the most important topics which will be useful for you to gain maximum marks rather than diverging your mind towards all topics .

If You Need to Chime, Just Manage Your Time !!!

Last but not the least; Time is the most essential key in your journey. I know you all must have heard many points about Time-management. So, I won’t bore you by repeating those fussy things again. Rather I just want to gather your attention towards the fact that You Know Yourself the Best.

So just think over it and manage your time for study, recreation and all other works you have, so as to reduce wastage fo time because; 

Every sort of Wastage You do,

You stop your Dream from becoming True!

JEE Aspirants must be aware that JEE Main 2019 will be conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) in computer-based mode twice a year. First Attempt of JEE Main 2019 will be January and other in April.

You can refer to this link for knowing the best strategies used by Past JEE Toppers for cracking JEE.

At last I just wish you ‘All The Best’ for your upcoming exams. Just overcome your fear and manage your syllabus and time and success will follow you.

Share this post to maximum people and let them enjoy success too. Just keep reading for further motivation and guidances in these fields.

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