Thoughts: Is Success Itself Successful?

Success is a quite misunderstood word. Real successful are those who love what they do, who live their life to the fullest & who know the essence of Life.

Really!!! Is success itself successful? Ya…it’s a thing need to be thought upon in the present world where every person is running for achieving a single thing – “SUCCESS”.

Before talking about the actual topic let me tilt all your minds towards a basic thing. Ya I know it’s not a story but let’s make the article an interesting one and all you need to know to be a reader of this article is “Beware of Suspense”, as the topic itself is a suspense.

Let’s begin with a basic thing :


Perhaps the few things left positive in this world comprise of things like blood group but Alas! certain people are not fortunate enough to have even that positive .”

Sameer Jain

World today is just running in a blind train of success which itself has dubious definitions. Surely it will lead them to a destination which they sought after for long. But here a question which pops up: “Would it make them successful?”.

Yes, Success is the achievement of something that you have been trying to do. Friends, let me take you to somewhat around 261 BC in the Indian history in the reign of a Great Emperor Ashoka during ” The Great War of Kalinga”.

Ashoka wanted to capture the beautiful state of Kalinga for strategic advantages and therefore he attacked Kalinga with his large army and soon he aquired the Kalinga fort. For reference to Kalinga War, follow this link.

And according to Collins dictionary, Ashoka got SUCCESS as he achieved the task for which he had been trying for. But we know the full story that Ashoka regretted later on as he felt very shameful to see the bloodshed on the battlefield with dead & injured soldiers, crying orphans and widows.

So, my friends I wanna ask your opinion that Was this success itself successful ?

The Final Note

Even in our life friends we all are rushing towards success but we have forgotten the main aim of life i.e. To live happily , To live the life in harmony, To live and let others live.

It’s good to be a geek for something, it’s good to run for achieving something, it’s good to achieve something. But I think now you all know better than me that we don’t require a success that;

  • leads to large scale defeat;
  • threatens love, peace and harmony;
  • causes jealousy;
  • is itself not successful 😑

And ultimately we don’t require anything which ruins our precious life. Just live a happy life friends and if you are able to do this then believe me, you have achieved the most successful success of this entire world. Be happy. YOLO!

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Sameer Jain

Sameer Jain

A Shayar and Avid Reader by heart, Sameer is a student at prestigious National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar. Hailing fom the city of Kota, he is interested in guiding & motivating aspirants like him and do some Shayari!

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