My First Encounter With Computers; It WAS Dumb!

My first encounter with computer ultimately led to a demand to my parents for buying me a PC. And the demand was of-course rejected. Not once but several times. But the interest it ignited remains with me till now and forever!

I encountered the term ‘Computer’ for the very first time in class 3rd. And that encounter was a normal one. Just the definition of Computer. In fact I now even don’t remember those technical terms. Just kidding 😉

I vividly remember that I saw computers for the first time in my elementary school’s Computer Lab. And it was a lab, just for the sake of saying, with 3 computers. And surprise, we got access to that lab only after class 5th! I accept the fact that Computers were not quite common in 2009.

I guess India was quite lagging behind in technology at that time. Or maybe it was I who was not aware about it. In some corner of the World, kids were busy launching their startups, creating websites and mastering various programming languages. And here I was, who is still learning how to use MS Paint.

Computer Lab Session

Every Saturday, we marched into our not-so-big computer lab and stand in a row. 3 students per turn. Anyways, it was easy for the teachers to teach how MS-Paint tools worked and I eagerly waited for my turn to fill a rectangle with Black colour. Not my favorite colour but I was not aware about how to change the colour from the panel.

I still remember my first computer lab session. I was sitting with my classmates in the lab. Our teacher asked us to draw a house in MS Paint. In class 5th, it’s considered quite an easy task. And so it is. But not for those who don’t know how to use Paint.

But I was okay. Let’s start. I pressed the only button I could see on the entire screen.

Screen turned on.

I waited for a while.

But could not see anything loading next to it. Minutes later, my classmates were busy drawing and filling colours in their drawings and I was sitting idle thinking upon how to launch it.

I enquired my friend about the problem. I knew he has got a PC so I chose him to solve my problem. Actually I had not turned on the CPU. Silly Me 😑. He started MS Paint in minutes. And I was like “Wow Man, You Are God“.

One fine day, I requested my parents to buy me a computer. It was indeed a demand. Which was of-course rejected. They argued that its not needed currently. Just for using MS Paint, we can’t buy you a PC. Deep down I knew that we are not that much economically well-off. I was asked to focus on my studies. And I continued with gaining knowledge from books.

I sometimes felt very average as those kinda-rich kids had good technical exposure at that age. Primary reason being most of them possessed PC at their home. I felt bad that I can’t afford a computer. But now I feel it’s okay to live with lesser things. May be it was not the right time.

They knew how to draw houses in Paint, how to play games on PC and even Internet. And I guess they still know only those things. Peace.

But my interest kept me learning more and more about computers and softwares primarily MS Office. Class 7th was altogether a different experience which changed my life forever. It was then I realised that mastering computers can earn both money and respect. I was exposed to various personalities like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Jack Dorsey and I decided to hone my skills in this direction.

I guess this interest is the only reason I Blog, I Code and I Learn. I will surely write about it some other day. Hope you liked it.

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