The Best VPN Services For 2019: Free & Paid

A VPN or Virtual Private Network enables users to browse Internet anonymously. It will keep your online activities safe & secure.

Internet is currently in its most censored state where Government as well as Private Companies are prying over User activities over network. Sometimes they ban certain websites and most of the time they track user movement over the web. Even Wi-fi hubs are being used to spy on browsing activity of netizens.

Imagine somebody sitting besides you in CCD & watching all your browsing activity and recording your whole login history just because you are using his Wifi hotspot😱😱

This is what makes a VPN useful as well as important. You can use a VPN to:

  • Bypass geographical restrictions on websites or streaming audio and video.
  • Watch streaming media like Netflix and Hulu.
  • Protect yourself from spying by untrustworthy Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Fake your location.
  • Protect yourself from being logged while torrenting.

VPNs can be both free & paid. The freebies are actually a bit frustating due to their slow connection speed, data limits and more restrictions on streaming & torrent.

Hotspot Shield

Number of servers: 2,500+ | Server locations: 25 | IP addresses: 50000 | Maximum devices supported: 5

Hotspot Shield is the top choice for a free VPN. It offers quick and secure browsing at lightning-fast connection speeds. It also offers no-logs policy which disallows the client software from recording details of the connection.

The free version gives you just 500 MB of data every day. This may be a bit disappointing for nerdy streamers but it can surely work fine for normal browsing.

Express VPN

Number of servers: 2,000+ | Server locations: 148 | IP addresses: 30,000 | Maximum devices supported: 3

Express VPN is the most expensive and advanced VPN service available. They have a quite huge network of 2000+ private servers across more than 95 countries.

It offers fast connection speeds and a quick connection kill-switch. Connection kill-switch reduces vulnerability towards spying. If you are travelling to some highly censored country like China, its free 30-day trial feature can come handy.


Number of servers: 2,000+ | Server locations: 180 | IP addresses: 300,000 | Maximum devices supported: 5

PureVPN is amongst the best VPN services with presence in more than 140 countries. Its no-log feature alongwith high speed connection speeds makes it a really suitable choice. You can easily stream Netflix & Hulu on your device.

It has the maximum number of IP addresses at around 300k+ which offers consistent connection probability alongwith quick request completion.


Number of servers: 348 | Server locations: 50+ | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: Unlimited

Windscribe is among the top free VPNs with its high data limit as compared to other VPN services. Free users have 10GB/mo data consumption limits which can be easily increased to 15GB/mo 🙂

Windscribe also features an ad & tracker blocker called R.O.B.E.R.T. They also offer extremely secure encryption alongwith no-logs policy. Their lowest plan starts at $9/month.


Number of servers: 5,000+ | Server locations: 60+ | IP addresses: 5000 | Maximum devices supported: 6

NordVPN is a great service in terms of both security and connection speed. It offers over 5,000+ servers in 60+ countries, 2048-bit encryption, 6-device support as standard, strong DNS leak protection, no less than two kill switches (application-specific and system wide), proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, and with payment options that include Bitcoin, PayPal and credit cards.more

It offers an excellent 3-year plan at $2.99 per month. Monthly plans are quite high at $11.95 per month. I will suggest you to use Express VPN instead of spending so much for monthly expense.

My college LAN & Wifi has lot of restrictions (You know what I mean 😉). So I personally prefer using Hotspot Shield. If you have ideas for any other better service, mention it in the comments. Sayonara!



Hey there, welcome to Mascader. I'm Ashutosh Tripathi aka PythonTony 😎 Here at Mascader, I write and share content related to Coding, Games and Apps. Follow us for more updates!

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Hey there, welcome to Mascader. I'm Ashutosh Tripathi aka PythonTony 😎 Here at Mascader, I write and share content related to Coding, Games and Apps. Follow us for more updates!

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