Tips For Learning A New Programming Language

In this post, I will discuss about the techniques which can help you learn a new programming language easily. Let’s start!

Coding helps not only in getting a good job but can also lead you in creating something like Facebook, Google or Instagram. Ahh that sounds tough, is it? Learning new programming language requires extensive practising alongwith a continuous learning curve else you can easily lose your grasp.

During your learning of first programming language, you will also learn how to apply logic to snippets. Logic will continue to remain the same in every other programming language, only the syntax will change.

So now we will discuss some points which will surely help you in learning coding.

Learn By Doing: (Best Startegy)

As already known, learning something by doing it is the best way to learn it. But be careful. You may be exposed to a wide array of codes which may turn out to be confusing. So the learning curve must be planned in well-ordered manner.

For example, you can employ the following steps for a basic start in programming:

  • Learn the Syntax. Alas! No way outta here 😑
  • Learn how to import various libraries and defining variables(which are an integral part of almost every piece of code)
  • Learn how variables store values and how these values get manipulated. Extremely important.
  • Learn how to print anything and I mean anything. Whether it’s simple text or the result of a mathematical calculation or even a variable.
  • Learn how to take the input from user. Most important.
  • Learn the use of functions and how to handle complex operations.
  • Learn looping by practising various set of pattern problems.
  • And further more….

You must try to write programs for the above. Solving such simple problems strengthen your basics.

Practice Coding on Paper:

This is immensely useful technique. You should write programs in your notebook and try to run itas if you are the computer. Create those variables, manipulate them, see how loops run and how conditional statements alter the state of a program. Its interesting as well as intuitive.

Play With Code:

After you have got a good grasp on basics of coding in a language, you can step into some advance coding by going through the code of a project. It can be a simple program for querying a database for popular items and listing them based on an algorithm. Anything. The point is you must play with those snippets of code.

You should try manipulating them and see what happens. This will let you know the consequences of changes you made in that program further increasing your experience.

Programming Language != Framework

Learning a programming language and learning a framework based on it are altogether different tasks. Starting directly with Django without learning Python is like landing in Pochinki without knowing how to play PUBG. You got no saviour here.

Sorry for the bad joke if you didn’t get it 😅😅

In short, learn the programming language first. No doubt frameworks provide a simpler way of creating something whether its an application or a website. But frameworks are meant to simplify the tasks of those who know how to imply them. You must be well versed with the concepts of programming to master the frameworks.

Take Up Coding Challenges

The more problems you solve, the better you get gaining a lot of experience in complex problems. They sharpen your logic application as well as your speed and competency in solving a problem.

You can refer to popular competitive coding websites like Codingame, CodeWars, TopCoder, HackerRank, etc for solving coding challenges. I will rate HackerRank better than others because of its properly designed advancement levels and simplicity. Simple is beautiful.

Google and StackOverflow Are Your Best Friends

Many of you are aware about Google but from now, StackOverflow will also become an integral part of your coding journey. It contains the solution of most complex program or error you will encounter. I will surely write a post on how to Google anything better.

Build Something 🛠

When I learned Web Development, I developed a website. The sole purpose of your programming journey is to make you learn how to build solutions for complex problems. It can be searching the index of billions of pages or maintaining the data of billions of user. You understand what I mean.

Keep Coding!

Programming is a demanding task. Learning to code is a bit tough at the start. But once you are clear with all the fundamentals, you can switch to complex domains like Data Structures, Algorithms, etc. Let the journey begin. Get your hands dirty coz its the only option for success in programming.

If you loved the content, share this post with your friends and make them aware about learning how to code. Happy Coding Guys!

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