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How To Unlock Bootloader On Your Android Device

Bootloader is a code which is executed before any operating system starts to run. This is executed before any software on a device. It finds the memory partition where OS is located and tries to boot the OS.

Most android device manufacturers have their own modded versions of Android. For example Xiaomi uses MIUI, Huawei uses EMUI as their custom OS built on top of Android OS.

Every device also comes with its own in-built bootloader fabricated by device manufacturer. These bootloader programs are generally locked in order to prevent installation of any other firmware into the device.

In simple words, Bootloader programs prevent you from changing your in-built OS to another modded OS of your choice. Unlocking bootloader allows you to install custom Firmware on your Android phone, root and install mods.

You may ask “Why do I need to flash custom ROMs?”. Actually, Custom ROMs get earlier updates, can improve battery life and may save your RAM by running less junk apps in background.

Tell Me How To Unlock Bootloader

Actually its quite easy to unlock your device bootloader. You will need ADB utility and your Phone’s USB drivers for the procedure. If you don’t know how to

Step 1: Yes, the foremost step is to backup all your phone data. Unlocking bootloader will wipe all your Internal storage data.

Step 2: Setup ADB & Fastboot on your PC. If you need help setting up ADB & Fastboot on your PC, you can watch this YouTube video.

Setting Up ADB & Fastboot on your PC

Step 3: Enable OEM Unlock in Developer Options

For enabling developer options, click 7 times on your Build Number in Phone settings. You will find an option of OEM unlock. Enable it. Be aware that enabling this option will factory rest your android phone. Ensure that you have taken a backup.

Step 4: Enable USB debugging in Developer Options

Step 5: Boot Device Into Bootloader Mode

Connect your device to PC using a USB cable. Open Command Prompt. Boot the device into the bootloader mode using the following command. You may be prompted to allow USB debugging. Just select Yes.

adb reboot bootloader

If your device is in bootloader mode, just issue the following command next:

fastboot flashing unlock

Once your device finishes unlocking bootloader, you will need to reboot your device. You can do it via the following command:

fastboot reboot

Your device will now be rebooted with unlocked bootloader on your Andoird Device. You can now flash custom ROMs into your device or root your android device.


OEM unlocking primarily requires factory data reset. Be sure to take a backup. Also, unlocaking bootloader will end your device warranty. You won’t enjoy support services from the manufacturer. Just be cautious about it.

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