What Is Feedly And How To Use This Awesome App

I recently started using Feedly news aggregator and found it quite useful. You can follow various blogs, publications, YouTube channels and more.

The Web is an ocean of knowledge and inspiration. Both the volume and the complexity of content are increasing exponentially.

As professionals, it is increasingly harder to connect with the content we need to keep up with industry trends, track competitors, or learn new skills.

This is where Feedly comes in. Where Readers Become Leaders!

Excerpt from Feedly Blog

Most of you discover blogs through social links or rowing from one site to another via related links. You remember names of popular blogs and look for latest content from few selected blogs. Browsing and checking through each of them can be a bit cumbersome.

Feedly streamlines all your favorite blog posts in a single feed for more efficient reading. You can have a personalized feed of all your favorite sources, be it Buzzfeed, TechCrunch, AndroidAuthority or Mashable.

Feedly has currently over 14 Million reader on its platform and large number of sources for every interest. I recently started using its Android app and here is a quick review of this news aggregator.

About Feedly

Feedly was launched way back in 2008 as a web-based news aggregator service. It aimed at creating a better RSS Reader. Around that time, most people used Google Reader. In March 2013, Google Reader was shut down. This led to enormous increase in its user base. In fact, Feedly acquired 500k users within 48 hours of Google Reader’s closure.

The service enables you to chose a variety of topics and websites to read. You can chose blogs, publications, YouTube channels and even Google keywords to follow. You can also follow a twitter account to import its tweet-feed. This gives users great control over what they wish to read. Feedly is available for Web, Android and iPhone devices.

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How To Use Feedly

Feedly is actually quite simple to use via both app and web. Just log on to their website and create an account. It will ask you for selecting topics of your interest and sources which you may want to read.

feedly screenshot

Select the topics and create your personal feed. It gives you the functionality to create a variety of feeds. Example: You can have your feed for Gaming related news and can also have separate feed for reading latest Smartphone news.

Select the sources and add them to your feed. You will receive constant updates from those sources whenever new articles are posted. You can bookmark articles for reading later and share them in your social networks.

When you click on one of the articles, you are redirected to a scraped feed of the article. It depends on the sources to allow how much content can be viewed by RSS readers. You have the direct link to website too which you can use to visit full version of the article.

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