Why I Love Using Opera Browser On Windows PC?

Opera Browser is among the top 5 browsers on the Internet and it is lightweight as well as advanced. Here are some of the reasons why I love using Opera.

Opera is one of the oldest browsers currently available for Windows, macOS, Android, Linux and many other operating systems. It is among the 5 most popular web browser for desktop.

Opera shares a lot of similarities with Chrome, having evolved from chromium engine it is very light. Opera is really fast browser with a wonderful and neat UI. It can do everything that its competitors can do.

Opera Browser for PC is actually very advanced with an in-built VPN, Ad-blocker and integrated Messenger and WhatsApp. Let’s take a look at various features offered by Opera Browser.

Features I Like The Most In Opera Browser

Speed Dial

Opera has “Speed Dial“, which allows you to add an unlimited number of pages shown in thumbnail form in a page displayed when a new tab is opened. Speed Dial allows you to more easily navigate to your favorite webpages.

Opera News

opera news

Opera has integrated News feed feature in the Speed Dial itself. Users can read latest curated stories from various news sources. User can also follow News sources and topics of their choice or more interesting news feed. This feature keeps me updated with all the latest news from the Tech World.

In-built VPN

opera vpn screenshot

VPNs are important for your privacy and accessing restricted content. Installing a VPN for accessing a blocked movie download website can be really tedious. But I got the solution. Directly launch the free in-built VPN inside Opera browser and enjoy your privacy.

Integrated Messenger & WhatsApp

You don’t have to open a separate tab to use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Web. Just launch the integrated Messenger or WhatsApp from the sidebar. It provides seamless experience and really one of the most useful features in Opera browser.

You can easily chat and browse in the same window. I guess no other popular browser offers this awesome feature.

In-Built Ad-Blocker

Opera’s in-built ad-blocker is super advanced and easy to start. No need to install another extension. Just trigger the ad-blocker and it will block all the ads on any webpage. If prompted, websites can be easily whitelisted.

opera ad blocker screenshot

Opera Flow

Opera Flow is a feature aimed at establishing continuous productivity irrespective of the device you are using. For example, you just liked a image or link, you can easily share it to your desktop browser for further use. Opera has even launched the Opera Touch Browser for smartphones to provide lightweight browsing experience integrated with Opera Flow.

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I have been using Opera since past 2 years. And I feel it’s fast as well as advanced. I use Chrome less often than Opera. I am pretty sure you would love using Opera browser.

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