Winners Never Refuse, Losers Always Excuse…

Everyone have excuses for their failures. Do you think if someone pays attention to them? Should you give excuses or try for a better hit on the target? Let’s check out.

Excuses are the useless ammunition of Losers. Analysing the reason for your failures and giving excuses are completely different. Excuse is just a way to satisfy your false ego that you were right.

What’s Your Excuse?

My dear readers, just fill up your mind with as many number of excuses as you can give for your defeat in some task or action. May be you lose because other players were having advantage, may be you could not complete a task because you were very busy, blah..blah..blah.

Stop. I know your mind has overflown with ample number of such excuses. Now ask yourself a simple question – To whom are you giving these excuses? – Your parents, Your friends, Your teachers or Your relatives?

My dear friends, You are giving excuses to no one but YOURSELF. And mind you, if you are giving these excuses to the above mentioned people and you think that they will agree with you, then you are most probably wrong.

Let me tell you a story about a person who was so broke that he could have given up easily. But Legends are always different ­čśÄ

The Man With The Only Hand!

A man born in Budapest was a part of the hungarian army. Until 1936 he was a world class pistol shooter. He just had one dream in his life and that was to win a gold in olympics for his country.

1936, summer olympics, an order came – “Only commisioned officers of army will be allowed to compete”. Alas! the man wasn’t a commisioned officer. Poor man cried but he had nothing in his hand.

But the man believed that “Where There Is A Will There Is A Way”. With all new efforts he started preparing for 1940 Tokyo olympics.

Now comes the twist in the story.

World’s Best Shooting Hand Was NO More!

1938, during an army training, a faulty grenade exploded in his hand. And my goodness! the hand which had to become the best shooting hand of the world was not even able to pick up a pin anymore.

But you all know a well known statement – Legends┬áAre┬áLegends. The man was so passionate about his dream that he started practicing with his left hand. Bravo! The man about whom I’ve been talking was the winner at the Hungarian National Pistol Shooting Championship held in 1939, Mr. Karoly Takacs.

Now his target was to fulfill his dream, and that was winning a gold in olympics. He worked very hard for 1940 olympics but Ah! 1940 and 1944, both the olympics were cancelled due to World War 2.

But you know friends, I think that God creates certain creatures to set examples for people like us to follow.

By the time of 1948 Olympics, he was 38, an age where a person’s fitness starts decreasing. The competition was more tougher now but you know – Legends┬áRemain┬áLegends.

And without extending further, let me tell you that Mr. Karoly defeated his competitors with their so called “best hand” and won Gold medals in 25m Rapid Pistol Fire in 1948 & 1952 Olympics.

So, everything is in front of you friends. I think nobody can give as much excuses than Mr. Karoly Takacs could have given. But rather giving excuses, he focused on his target and became successful.ároly_Takács

If you’re habitual of giving excuses, Then be prepared for hearing refuses.

Sameer Jain

The Final Note Ôťĺ

So friends, don’t ever feel demotivated after a failure. Analysing the reasons to your failure is a good habit. But blaming anyone or anything is just a waste of time. Stop giving excuses rather. Make up your mind. Work harder. Achieve Success. Accomplish your dreams and live a happy life.

Share this post to maximum people and let them live their life in a more better and efficient way. Just keep reading for further motivation and guidance.

Sameer Jain

Sameer Jain

A Shayar and Avid Reader by heart, Sameer is a student at prestigious National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar. Hailing fom the city of Kota, he is interested in guiding & motivating aspirants like him and do some Shayari!

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